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Step into this room and you’re in a kitchen of the 1930-1940s, with a real ice box, wood-burning stove, and the table set for the next meal, lit by a kerosene lamp! Old-fashioned everything!  You can almost smell the aroma of baking bread. Be sure to check out the wash tub, washboard and clothes wringer. Grandma’s Kitchen will be on display through the fall of 2015.



New Acquisitions



This implement is sometimes called “cow cufflinks” or “cow hobbler”, and were used to control a cow that kicked while being milked. The “C” shaped pieces were placed on the shins of the cow, and the chain limited her mobility! The modern implement is made from a webbing material much like a dog collar.  (Donated by Stanley Rowe)

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Windham was settled by mostly farmers who came here in the middle of the 1700s. The agricultural lifestyle continued through most of the town’s history until the industrial age. Several wars and many societal changes have created the town we know today which is primarily residential and includes a large commercial center.



The South Windham Library, originally a storage building for the fire department, was moved to the Historical Society Village Green and will become a museum devoted to South Windham village memorabilia.


Windham Historical Society was organized in 1967 for the purpose of preserving the town’s rich historical past and providing opportunities for members of the public to learn about their heritage.


The Society owns four museum buildings and recently purchased an abutting village farm including a historic house, barn, outbuildings and fields. Each of our museums was an important center for the development of Windham. These include the first town house (also used as a school), an old grocery/cobbler shop and two small “village” libraries. Future plans including creating a Living History Center on the recently purchased property.


The Society is open to the public from April through November, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays, sometimes on Saturday mornings; by appointment (call 207-892-1433 or info@windhamhistorical.org by email.


Stop in, say hello, visit and view the displays. We’d be delighted to help with your genealogy search and help answer your questions about Windham history.


Village Green becomes a reality!


The property the Society acquired in 2010 is transitioning to a Living History Center known as the Village Green! Surveys, soils tests, many meetings with town officials and ideas for a future educational resource – all this has kept your Society busy! It’s exciting and we hope you have a chance visit and learn more!


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Views of the future Living History Center







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