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Windham Historical Society is a group of volunteers who love the rich history of the town. Throughout the year we take every opportunity to promote activities of the



Historical Society Colonial Ladies describe a variety of artifacts. From left, Izzy Gilman, Linda Tetrault, Norma Rogers and Caroline Rowe.


Society by which the town can be enriched. We enthusiastically welcome new members and visitors at any time!


Housed in the historic first town house, Windham Historical Society has an extensive collection of maps, town documents, cemetery records, journals, diaries, letters, school yearbooks, organization records, town reports, genealogy files, clothing, tools and implements, housewares, photographs, publications and artwork.


A library is available with dozens of books on many topics as well as an excellent selection of genealogy books.


We have collections of war memorabilia, encompassing all wars from the Revolution forward; furniture, household items, children’s toys, farming and shoemaking tools; bibles, coins, flags and over 24 large indexed scrapbooks including news items. Many notebooks with photos and information on houses and their history are available.

Windham Historical Society
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